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Feature Film Projects Released and In Development

‘TOMORROW,” the UK feature film directed by Martha Pinson in London, won 7 USA Film Festival Awards in October-November 2018:

  • Best Narrative Feature, Jury Award: SCAD Savannah Film Festival, Georgia

  • Best Narrative Feature, Jury Award & Audience Award: Napa Valley Film Festival, California

  • Best Narrative Feature, Jury Award & Audience Award: Seneca Film Festival, New York State

  • Favorite Actress Award – Stephanie Leonidas: Napa Valley Film Festival

  • Favorite Actor Award – Sebastian Street: Napa Valley Film Festival

(L) Stephanie Leonidas and Sebastian Street on the set of “Tomorrow” in London. (C) Martha Pinson directing the War Flashbacks for “Tomorrow” in Spain. (R) Sophie Kennedy Clark and Stuart Brennan in a party scene in “Tomorrow.”

FEATURE FILM PROJECT IN DEVELOPMENT“Not everyone in the 60’s was stoned.”