Providing Consulting Services for New Directors

CONSULTING FOR NEW DIRECTORS: I am available to coach a new film or TV director through the critical pre-production process to increase the effectiveness of his/her preparation and directing skills. The sessions can produce a vision, translated into staging and shot lists, for the entire film. We can discuss directing actors for camera, various techniques. Each consulting job is unique and I’m completely adaptable to the time, goals, and issues that each one presents.

I will work with the director to protect him/her from being derailed because of inexperience. A first step will be to go through the script and plan the approach and style for each scene and the film as a whole. I can take the director’s conceptual and artistic ideas and translate them into shooting terms. I can scout locations and help plan the staging based on conditions. The director and I can develop dual shot lists: an ideal one and a “back pocket” one, to pull out if the day’s work is in trouble. I can guide him/her through an effective rehearsal and staging process with the cast. Each director has unique concerns, his/her own process, which I will adapt to.

I am a filmmaker with years of experience. I directed an award-winning feature film as well as short dramatic films. I’ve directed plays and other pieces, written numerous screenplays. I have worked closely with many of our greatest directors, including Martin Scorsese and Sidney Lumet, as their script supervisor, so was able to observe and digest their methods and approaches throughout the shoot. I’ve been able to succeed in part because of discretion, being able to accommodate and support the vision of another person, knowing when to raise an issue and when to let it go. I use that discretion in my coaching capacity.

My work can potentially save the production many hours and a great deal of money. I can work anywhere from a few hours to a week or more in prep. I am willing to travel. For fees and more information please email me: [email protected].

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